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Oklahoma Family Owned & Operated

A Commitment to Excellence

Ozarka Water has dedicated itself to giving exceptional service to our customers while maintaining uncompromising quality for 3 generations.

1889 - The Land Run

Water Played a Vital Role in Oklahoma’s Success. Ozarka Was There. From the Land Run of 1889, our city leaders turned a strategic railroad watering stop into a bustling commercial and transportation hub.

1907 - Oklahoma's Beginnings

With the establishment of Oklahoma as the 46th state to join the union in 1907, early settlers transported prefabricated buildings to Oklahoma City. As a result of the city's population doubling in the early 1900s, the need for potable water quickly escalated. Ozarka was there to meet demand.

1930's - Innovation Abounds

The Dust Bowl, the paving of Historic Route 66, Will Rogers' meteoric rise to fame, the invention of the shopping cart and parking meter - Ozarka was there through it all!

Present Day A City on the Rise!

Today, we’re a local family-owned company that has grown to become Oklahoma's oldest and largest bottled water company - and the future has never looked brighter.