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If you are interested in signing up to receive service from Ozarka, please fill out the form below:
If you would like to try two different types of water before making your final choice, make your first choice online. A Customer Service Representative will contact you to arrange a setup appointment at which time you can place your second choice.

New Coffees!

We've added new coffees to our delicious menu of K-Cup coffees. The always popular seasonal offering of Pumpkin Spice has returned to the menu. And we've a new Cafe Mocha to our Cafe Escapes line of coffees. Click here to see all our offerings.
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Bottle Deposit Policy

Ozarka’s bottle deposit policy is simple.  On your first delivery, you are charged a deposit on the water bottles you receive.  If you maintain that number of bottles, you will only be charged for water.  If you order more bottles, you will be charged a deposit on the new bottles.  If you require fewer bottles, you will receive a refund on the extra bottles returned.  Never will you have a deposit amount more or less than the total bottles you have.  The deposit amount of plastic bottles is $7.00, glass bottles $17.00.


We’ll drop by. Set up your free delivery with us and we will explain how your delivery schedule works.  You don’t even have to be home to receive your pure fresh Ozarka Water delivery.  It’s simple with flexible scheduling and payment options.  Just call or email us and we’ll make sure you never go without.  Scheduled delivery is free when you sign up for service.  Off-schedule delivery requests may incur additional charges