Oklahoma's Water Since 1907
Ozarka Water Company was established in 1907. Known today as Eureka Water, we are Oklahoma's largest bottled water company.

Ozarka Water Products
We're the only water bottler in Oklahoma whose water is certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, the highest rating any bottler can achieve in terms of quality control.
Ozarka drinking water is drawn from a 603-foot artesian well on Eureka's property, goes through a steam distillation process, then has minerals added back to give it a bright, sunny taste.

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New 5-Gallon Special!

We've created a great new deal to save you money. Sign up for 1 year of water service and save $10. 2 years of water service and you save $50. And when you sign up for 3 years of service you save $150! Call us at 405-235-8474 or email us and info@ozarkah2o.com for all the details. Click below.

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